Ipsen Ceramics is committed to providing superior service and quality products at a competitive price. We look forward to supplying all of your custom toll firing and high-temperature refractory needs.
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No matter your needs, Ipsen Ceramics offers alumina and fused silica formulas that provide high-quality results. Find out more about the materials we use in the process of manufacturing our ceramic plates, saggers, tubes, ladles, hearths and more.
With periodic furnaces, roller hearth kilns and tunnel kilns, Ipsen Ceramics has several different types of kiln equipment that are available for processing a wide range of loads. Click the tab to find out more.
Ipsen Ceramics recently completed the task of relining the brings on one of their roller hearth kilns. This re-bricking project brings the kiln's throughput back to full operating capacity. Additionally, the kiln can ...

Ipsen Ceramics

Founded in 1952, Ipsen Ceramics has become a leader in the Toll Firing industry, as well as an expert in the field of high-temperature refractories and the production of kiln equipment. Capable of processing a wide variety of materials, Ipsen Ceramics provides the flexibility needed to extend your firing capacity to cover peaks in production. In addition, each and every job is handled with our vast technological expertise and precise on-line control, making Ipsen your partner in success.

Full-Service Capabilities

Standard Crucibles and Ladles

Learn more about some of our standard offerings.

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