Ipsen Ceramics Materials

I-COR Alumina

This high-purity material creates a refractory body that offers a useful combination of physical properties, such as thermal shock, creep and abrasion resistance, high-working temperature, excellent strength, heat transfer and stability in reducing atmospheres. The I-COR is an optimal, solid-performing material for those considering a new application or where excellent corrosion resistance is desired. The maximum recommended temperature is 3,200 °F (1,760 °C).

I-SIL Fused Silica

This material is a clay-bonded, coarse-grained fused silica. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance. The fused silica is useful for saggers and plates that undergo repeated rapid heating and cooling. The maximum recommended temperature is 2,400 °F (1,300°C).