Upgrades and New Partnership for Ipsen Ceramics

PECATONICA, IL - Ipsen Ceramics recently completed the task of relining the bricks on one of their roller hearth kilns. This re-bricking project brings the kiln's throughput back to full operating capacity. Additionally, the kiln can now reach greater operating temperatures - up to 2,650 ºF (1,454 ºC). These improvements mean greater efficiency and more flexibility when processing various materials, such as thermal barrier coatings.

Beyond improvements to its equipment, Ipsen Ceramics is also expanding its business connections. They are collaborating with ceramics distributor, Carpenter Brothers based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with 19 of their sales representatives throughout the United States to gain exposure across multiple industries.

About Carpenter Brothers Carpenter Brothers has been in business for 100 years and is a dealer/distributor/representative for manufacturers of industrial supplies and equipment. They specialize in foundry and metal casting equipment.  The 100 years of Carpenter Brothers' continuing success is attributed to the high-level expertise on specific foundry processes and products as well as the technical and manufacturing knowledge of their sales and customer service personnel. Learn more about Carpenter Brothers at www.CarpenterBrothersInc.com.   

About Ipsen Ceramics Ipsen Ceramics specializes in the toll firing business, serving a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive and petrochemical. The materials they process are used in many different applications: gas, oil, polishing, precious metals and thermal barrier coatings. In addition to toll firing, Ipsen Ceramics manufactures high-temperature refractories, which can be used in a variety of applications. Learn more by visiting www.IpsenCeramics.com